The WiN global Special Award is presented to an outstanding contribution in nuclear sciences at large ranging from nuclear energy to nuclear applications in medicine, environmental management, food and agriculture and industrial applications.

The IYNCWIN18 conference jointly co-organized in Bariloche Argentina in March 2018 by the two organisations of WiN global (women in nuclear) and IYNC (International Youth Nuclear Congress) with their local chapters in Argentina was a substantial contribution to improve gender, diversity and generation balance in the nuclear field. The conference was attended by about 450 participants, about 50 % of whose were females, from beginners to high level professionals in national and international organisations and institutions.

During the conference the contribution of nuclear energy for a clean environment and contribution to combat the world’s climate change has been highlighted, and specifically the young generation is called for embarking on nuclear energy and pursue a career in this important field. The impact of a successful energy mix including renewables and nuclear energy, the new developments to make nuclear energy more safe and secure, the introduction of SMRs as an alternative to large nuclear facilities, and the conviction to develop nuclear energy in many countries such as UAE as an economic and ecological benefit, has been discussed and acknowledged by the conference participants, and has been widely communicated to local and national and international stakeholders and in media contributions.

WiN Executives and Board Members endorsed by its Annual Assembly, thus decided to present a special WiN global award to the four co-chairs of the IYNCWIN18 conference: for IYNC Mr. Denis Janin, for YNC Argentina Mr Cristian Vega, for WiN Argentina Ms. Melina Belinco and for WiN Global Ms. Gabriele Voigt. There individuals have planned and made this conference happenend had made it run smoothly and successfully. It was concluded that this is the beginning of a close cooperation of women in nuclear and the young nuclear generation for the sake of a nuclear revival.

This cooperation is of the highest importance for the whole international nuclear community which is widely brought together in Paris at the 2018 WNE, June 27th.










From left to right – WiN Global awards winners : Gabriele Voigt, Melina Belinco, Denis Janin and Fabricia Pineiro, representing Cristian Vega

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