Retour en images sur la première journée de conférences, très riche en partage.










« We have dedicated ourselves to bringing the best national and international talent »  H.E. Eng. Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer – Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation











« …an historic moment…shows UAE’s determination to support nuclear as low carbon option »  Dr De-Moon Park, WiN Global President








From left to right : Patricia Schindler (WiN France – CEA), H.E. Eng. Mohammed A. Sahoo Al Suwaidi (Chief Executive Officer – Nawah Energy Company), Annick Carnino (WiN France – Former Director IAEA), Christer Viktorsson (Chief Executive Officer – FANR), Isabelle Poli (WiN France – EDF), Anne Griesmar (WiN France – EDF)









La délégation française WiN France (de gauche à droite) : Anne Griesmar (WiN Rhône Ain Loire), Anne-Marie Birac (WiN Global executive), Christine Brun-Yaba (WiN Ile de France), Annick Carnino (former President of WiN Global), Isabelle Poli (WiN Rhône Ain Loire), Patricia Schindler (WiN PACA)