WiN France is a founding member of WiN Europe association and WiN Global association

WiN EuropeGenerale Assembly WiN Europe Madrid 2019

WiN Global meeting of the executives at Bridgwater England-October 2019

Board meetings WiN Europe and WiN Global
Paris -October 2018

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WiN Global

General Assembly 2020

WiN Global, Madrid 2019WiN Global, Bariloche, March 2018

WiN Global is a world network created at the end of 1992 which gathers today more than 25000 women and men in more than 100 countries which have a common wish to inform the public and in particular women about all the applications of nuclear power.
In 2013, WiN Global published a work which explains the first 20 years of this network.


2015 : WiN IAEA, the annual conference took place in Vienna (Austria). On this occasion, WiN IAEA published a special issue of its newsletter.

2016 : The annual conference took place in Abu Dhabi.

2017 : The annual conference took place in Beijing.

2018 : The annual conference took place in Bariloche.

2019 : The annual conference took place in Madrid

2021 : The annual conference will take place in Canada at Niagara Falls

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WiN Europe 



It gathers the « chapters » of 12 European countries and an international « chapter » IAEA. It is a place for sharing information and expertise.